Tuesday, 10 March 2020

'Landscapes from France' at Altenburg & Co

Altenburg & Co warmly invites you to their Autumn exhibitions

Damon Kowarsky "Landscapes from France/ Paysages de France"


Alison Ford "Colouring's In"

Opening Friday 20 March from 6pm

Exhibitions continue until Sunday 26 April

Gallery hours Thursday to Monday, 10 to 4

Altenburg & Co
104 Wallace Street
Braidwood NSW 2622

Sunday, 8 March 2020

'Miniatures in March' at Portland Bay Press

Portland Bay Press is pleased to present

Miniatures in March

Friday 13 March from 530pm

PBP @ Julia Street Creative Spaces
21 Julia Street
Portland VIC 3305

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Megalo International Print Prize

Megalo Print Studio’s Annual International Print Prize (MIPP) showcases some of the best contemporary printmaking from around the world. Held in March each year, the exhibition boasts a diverse range of print mediums and attracts over 1000 visitors to view the exhibition. The MIPP2020 prize attracted 359 works from 229 artists and from 32 countries.

Award announcements Saturday 15 March

Finalists can be seen at Megalo Print Studio from 15 February to 28 March

Voting for the People's choice award open on 15 February.

Selected artists include Paul Bong, Darren Bryant, Leah Bullen, Alicia Candiana, Stephane Conradie, Carolyn Craig, Jacob Crook, Olga Danilova, Mehdi Darvishi, Justin Diggle, Mark Dustin, Olesya Dzhurayeva, Rose-Mary Faulkner, Dianne Fogwell, Graham Fransella, Reinaldo Gil, Robert Hague, Rew Hanks, Dominica Harrison, Eunice Napanangka Jack, Robert jr. Jancovic, Lukasz Koniuszy, Damon Kowarsky, Hyejeong Kwon, Judith Martinez, Peter McLean, Andrew Mullally, Mitjili Naparulla, Arata Nojima, Jeremy Plunkett, Jaime Emily Powell, Annika Romeyn, Melissa Smith, Stan Squire, Kati Thamo, Alex Thompson, and Anna Trojanowska.

Megalo Print Studio
21 Wentworth Avenue
Kingston ACT 2604

Gallery hours Tuesday to Saturday 930 to 500

Monday, 24 February 2020

20 [2020] at Tacit Galleries Melbourne

Tacit Galleries is pleased to present

20 [2020]

150 artists and more than 250 works in celebration of Tacit's 20th birthday

Opening Wednesday 4 March from 630 to 8pm

Exhibiting artists include Helen Anderson, Jan Atyeo, TJ Bateson, Dave Behrens, Elena Berkovich, Cate Blackmore (Tas), Joe Blundell, Louise Blyton, Celia Bridle, Peter Brook, Terri Brooks, Jennifer Buntine, Robyn Burgess, Raymond Carter, Magda Cebokli, Jane Chandler, Elizabeth Colbert, David Coles, Helen Connell, Tim Craker, Sally D’Orsogna, Craig Daniels, Lana de Jager, Denise de Keyzer, Merrian Dennis, Lesley Dickman, Helen Edwards, Sharman Feinberg, Louise Foletta, Betsy Forster, Andrew Foster, Anne Forwood, David Gatiss, Christine Gibbs,  Jackie Gorring, Keiko Goto (Qld), Pete Gurrie, Julie Hall, Rosemary Harris-Arnott, Geoff Harrison, Jodi Heffernan, Barb Henderson, Beth Hulme, Anita Iacovella, Susan Illingworth, Ilona Jetmar, Shane Jones, Dinusha Joseph, Jessie Yvette Journoud-Ryan, Julie Keating, Wendy Kelly, Caroline Kennedy, Michele Kershaw (Qld), Hyun Ju Kim, Robyn Kinsela (NSW), Deborah Klein, Vietta Korren-Steele, Damon Kowarsky, Jo Lane, Nadeen Lovell (WA), Jennifer Marshall (Tas), Marina Mason, Mark McCarthy,  Janine McGuinness, Helen McInnis, Ruth McIntosh, David McLeod, Paula McLoughlin, Milan Milojevic (Tas), Mark Minty, Jesslyn Moss, Karen Neal, Elizabeth Nicholls, Kerrilee Ninnis, Lisa O’Keefe, Veronica O’Leary (NSW), Theo Papathomas, Yeonjoo Park, Gaye Paterson, Jim Pavlidis, Milos Pelikan, David Lee Pereira, Linda Pickering, Shirley Ploog, Cat Poljski, Belinda Pringle, Julie Puchalski, John Rabling, Bronwyn Rees, Nina Ryan, Virginia Ryan, Mark Seabrook, Lisa Sewards, Christopher Shelton, Bevan Shepherd, Trish Sidway, Rat Simpson, Beata Slifierz, Jennifer Smyth, Kristen Solury, Kerry Spokes, Susan Stevenson, Ali Stoner, Mary Sullivan, Liz Sullivan, Peter Summers, Annemarie Szeleczky, Trevor Tagliabue, Elizabeth Tarrant, Anna Taylor, Heather Telford, Jenani Therone, Lena Torikov, Eugene von Nagy, Susan Wald, Jenni Walker, Brenda Walsh, Steve Warburton, Andrew Weatherill, Michael Wedd, Linda Weil, Irene Wellm, and Katherine Westfold.

Exhibition continues until 15 March

Tacit Galleries
123a Gipps St
Collingwood, Vic 3066

Gallery hours Wednesday to Sunday 11 to 5pm

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Periodic Table Project at Edith Cowan University

Very pleased to share some photos from Science Building at Edith Cowan University, including images from the Quantum Victoria Periodic Table Project.

With huge thanks to Quantum Victoria Director Soula Bennet for the original commission, and to Edith Cowan University Vice Chancellor Professor Steve Chapman for finding a new home for our artwork on the other side of the country.

Thank you Stephen Heath Photography for images from the 12 February launch.

Thursday, 30 January 2020

'Editions 2020' at Tacit Galleries Melbourne

Tacit Galleries are pleased to present


With featured artist Lana de Jager

Exhibiting artists include Abir Arafeh*, Manjula Atukorala*, TJ Bateson, Wendy Black*, Nellie Brown, Peter Brown, Jennifer Buntine, Loris Button, Hannah Caprice*, Di Colk*, Lana de Jager, Louise Donovan, Kevin Foley, Silvi Glattauer, Jackie Gorring, Gina Grant, Robert Hague, Jennifer Halliday*, Jo Harris*, Jodi Heffernan, Jasmin Isobe*, Myra Kaufman, Angela Kelly*, Marketa Kemp, Hyun Ju Kim, Helen Kocis-Edwards, Damon Kowarsky, Minela Krupic*, Chris Lawry, Beverley Lewis*, Robyn Mackay, Priscilla Manthey*, Victoria McCaffrey*, Paula McLoughlin, Karen Neal, James Pasakos, Gaye Paterson, Bronwyn Rees, Trudy Rice, Gwen Scott, Lisa Sewards, Jennifer Smyth, Kerry Spokes, Lisa Stebbing, Jan Stickland, Ali Stoner*, Annemarie Szeleczky, Jenny Tarry-Smith*, Susan Wald, Andrew Weatherill, and Joel Wolter (*denotes new to Editions)

Opening Wednesday 12 February from 630 to 8pm

123a Gipps St
Collingwood VIC 3066
Gallery hours Wednesday to Sunday 11 to 5

Exhibition continues until 23 February

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Midsumma and Australia Post Art Award

No Vacancy Gallery is pleased to present the

Midsumma and Australia Post Art Award

Official opening 28 January from 6 to 8 pm

Since its inauguration in 2016 the Midsumma and Australia Post Art Award has established itself as an important award in the arts. Finalists selected from across the country present a survey of outstanding queer artists reflecting their personal and political perspectives on the world.

With a prize pool valued at $10,000 in 2020, the art award is open nation-wide to artists in any medium.

Judges of the Major Award of $6000 include Hannah Presley (ACCA) and an Executive of Australia Post. Finalists will also be eligible for a $1000 People’s Choice Award provided by Australia Post.

2020 finalists include Daley King (WA), EO Gill (NSW), Dan Molloy (QLD), Zoƫ Bastin (VIC), Chelle Destefano (VIC), Wet and Free Collective (VIC), Mark du Potiers (QLD), TomboyBill and Matthew Schiavello (VIC), Darcy Williams (QLD), Samuele Tomasulo (VIC), Paul Piccione (VIC), and Wesley Dowling (VIC)

Exhibition continues until 9 February

No Vacancy Gallery
34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000